Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Markdowns!

A bunch of jewelry has just been marked down! Jewelry that was already on sale has been marked down even more! Quick get over to the Sale Page and check it out because sale jewelry never lasts long!

Originally $46 now $27.60

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday Weekend!

Well as I suspected there just weren't any good birthday pictures of me. I had good intentions but you know how it get involved in conversations and delicious mexican food and soon the night is over and you only have a picture of yourself that was taken by your husband while you were walking by and while you were giving him a dirty look. (Wow that was a long sentence). So I chopped off the dirty look. It wasn't pretty. I know it looks weird that I am beheaded but here is my birthday outfit.

Monterey was wonderful! It was so much cooler there! I had to wear a sweater all weekend. Our room was facing the beach and we could hear the waves crashing while we drfited off to sleep. It was like heaven! Here is the view from right outside our door.

Notice in the second picture (click to enlarge) that there are people in the water! What are they thinking?!

If you ever want to vacation to Monterey and are a beach fan you should check out the Best Western Beach Resort. Make sure you ask for a beachside room. The rooms even come with a "trap door" that you can open to hear the ocean better! And they do weddings too. I know because one was going on right in front of our room when we checked in. I was tempted to stay and watch and take pictures but it felt a little creepy.

We also got to do something rare this weekend. We saw a movie! I decided to have mercy on Roberto and not make him see the Lake House. We saw Click instead. It was cute. I think it would be a good family movie for older kids. I told Roberto after we left that I wish we could go to the movies every weekend! He just laughed at me.

Tonight when we got back I worked on new jewelry so look for new jewelry by the end of the week. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Ha ha not really but I am ....ahem choke gasp sob....30 today. I celebrated Sharla's Eve by making myself a new necklace and earrings to go with my new (sshhhh!) birthday dress I treated myself to this week.

If I look cute in any of the birthday pictures I'll post them (At least I'm honest right?)

Tomorrow night my husband and I are celebrating by spending Sat and Sunday in Monterey. As hot as it has been it will be nice to be in Monterey where it is usually a little cooler (67 degrees compared to 102 according to the forecast). Our hotel is right on the beach too. Hubby did say no laptop for the weekend though. Boo! I guess I will just have to shop and buy myself birthday presents instead. I am going to make him take me to see the Lake House too. I LOVE movies and since we had Bella I have seen maybe 2.

One more word about the heat...the air conditioning in my office is broken!! Of course like I always do I wore jeans to the office yesterday. The boys like to keep it super cold in there and I am always freezing cold. So most days I am in jeans and have to wear a sweater or a hoodie until 3:00pm or so. NOT Yesterday! One of the hottest days of the year and we have no cold air. I seriosuly felt like I was melting away. I wanted to jump in our very large and very empty fridge (Of course to add insult to injury we are out of icy cold diet cokes). Let's hope its working today or I may just have to take advantage of the fact that it's my birthday and leave early!

At lastly...since it's my birthday and I am feeling generous I will leave you a picture of my sweet girl trying to stay cool in the hot hot heat.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Contest Entry

Sharma Designs...ahhh...a little piece of heaven! I ordered my first Sharma as a gift for someone really, it wasn't MY first Sharma, rather my first purchased Sharma. When I opened the package, I had a sneaky little devil on one shoulder saying, "Keep it for yourself!" The angel on my other shoulder told me to do the right thing and give the intended gift. Okay, good squashed evil...this time. ;)

My next order was totally self-indulgent...totally for me. My favorite color in the world is purple...when I saw the beauty pictured below, I had to have it. I scrambled to sign into my Sharma account and click that "Add to Cart" button as fast as I could...I didn't want anyone else to nab it first...sorry, girls! Anyway, I looooove my necklace. It's so gorgeous. While shopping for the beautiful purple necklace, I spotted another beautiful shell necklace that I (obviously!) had to it was also added to my cart. A few days later, my addiction was gnawing at me and I bought yet another Sharma.

When I wore my gorgeous purple stone necklace, I received compliment after compliment..."Sharma Designs, honey", I told them..."Get your own!"

I know Sharla thinks I'm crazy, but I love her designs...and the fact that she is bold, original and innovative in her approach to jewelry making just makes the experience all the better!

Keep 'em coming, Sharla!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Contest Entry

I love Sharla, and her necklaces are just the icing on the cake. This girl makes some of the most creative jewelry I have ever laid my eyes on.

I have taken her jewelry all over the world. I travel a lot and work in a job that doesn’t necessarily allow my creativity to show. As soon as I take off my work clothes, I can’t wait to pepper my outfit with Sharma’s designs. There is something about pulling my collection out of my suitcase. They make me smile and always give me a sense of being at home.

My most memorable compliment came when I was in New Orleans. Mardi Gras was just wrapping up and we decided to go out and hit Bourbon Street. With all of the ornamentation everyone else was wearing, you would think my necklace would be one of the last things people would notice. NOT so! If I received one compliment, I received 100! I was so proud of my friend. I only wish she could be with me each time I receive a compliment.

I feel it important to mention that when I feel the most creative, I always put on one of my fun Sharma Design’s necklaces. There is something a little magic about her bobbles and swirls.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Contest Entry

Here is a picture of the very first time I wore a Sharma! I had looked everywhere for the perfect necklace to go with a black strapless dress that I was wearing to a friend's wedding last fall. But had no luck in stores! Then I tried an online search for "funky necklaces" and found out my luck had just changed because I had discovered your website. I ordered the perfect Sharma to accent for the wedding!

I have never received so many compliments on a necklace as when I wear my Green Sharma. Just a little example, the day I received it I went to lunch with a friend. I pulled it out in the restaurant to show her. Then women (perfect strangers) from both tables on either side of us leaned in and said "What a beautiful necklace...Where did you get it?!" I gave out all of your cards that were included in the box that the necklace shipped in that day!

So here is a picture of me and my fiancé-to-be at our friends' wedding. He proposed just three days after this wedding. And we are getting married in about a month on July 22!!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Contest Entry

I met up with a friend after not seeing her for eight months. Within the first hour of catching up with me she asked...about the necklace I had been wearing the last time I'd seen her. She said that she's thought about it many different times, and wants to find one like it. It's one I bought from Sharla as a Christmas gift to myself and have worn with both dressy and casual outfits...out for a night on the town, to a Christmas party, to parent-teacher conferences (where I'm the teacher), for a mountain picnic. I love the way the colors swirl a bit differently through the transparence of each bead. It's beautiful...versatile...and memorable!

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Making it

The Make it blog has interviewed Sharma Designs. The blog is for crafty people who want to take their craft to the next level. So if you would like to read more about the business side of Sharma Designs click here..

Friday, June 16, 2006

Contest Entry

This is my driver's license! (I cropped most of the license part out so nobody could come to my house and steal all of my Sharmas!) You know how every DMV pic is just so awful? Well, I wore this Sharma to the DMV and my picture actually turned out good! That's why it's my favorite. I love the orange and turquoise beads, and the big pendant, but it's the best because it really makes me more photogenic! Thanks for all your hard work Sharla :)

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Snazzying up the Website

On this latest update I made a few changes to the website.

1. The pictures on the individual product page are bigger. I thought it might be more helpful in seeing the jewelry clearer right away. Here's the old way and here's the new way.

Are the bigger pictures better?

2. I have noted whether the jewelry is one of a kind or limited edition. As you know, most of the jewelry is one of a kind but there are a few pieces that are limited edition. By limited edition I am talking 2 or 3 pieces of jewelry. It amazes me how many people don't realize that my jewelry is one of a kind or limited edition. Hey! I want you to have beautiful pieces of jewelry that your neighbors and friends drool over and can't have! So far I have just done the new pieces but look for a site wide change soon!

3. A few weeks ago I added a new jewelry section. People told me they were too busy to go searching the site for all the new jewelry. Well now it's easy. I have been updating the new jewelry section bi-weekly if not weekly so check back often!

I think that's all for now. Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Sharp Feature!

We just found out that the fun blog Sharp Lily: Sweet Finds for Smart Girls has featured one of our new bracelets. Yay! Thanks Sharp Lily!

Read the feature here

Bracelet featured:

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New Jewelry!

I may have splurged a little on beads recently. It's a darn good thing that I design jewelry that people love because..well..I'm Sharla and I am a beadaholique. There! I said it.

But seriously.. I am so excited about my new beads and especially my new pendants. I am in love with the laser etched pendants. Too pretty huh?

Here is a sneak preview and you can see all of the pretty new jewelry here

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Contest Entry

"My Favorite Sharma

How can you make me pick? It’s like asking me to choose my favorite child;

I can’t do it.

They are all unique, and they are all special. I wear them frequently! The necklace with the wood circle is my newest (I think; I can never be sure), and it goes with everything. I’m wearing a matching pair of earrings that Sharla made just for me, but because my hair is so thick and curly, you can’t really see them.

So instead, I bought another pair of earrings with wood and bone that match perfectly. The other MOP earrings are lots of fun and always add loads of style to whatever I’m wearing(which is what ALL Sharma’s do, if we are to be completely honest here).

The pink necklace with the silver flower was my very first Sharma, that I must have bought 2 or 3 years ago, and still wear. As you can see, it would be impossible for me to pick my absolute favorite because they are all my favorites! Thanks Shar!"

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Totally Indie Coupons!

Now when you order jewelry from Sharma Designs you will receive a "Totally Indie" coupon bag! There are 40 coupons to some very fabulous indie websites. As you can of them is yours truly. Seriously though..the discounts are very generous. I saw a lot of 15 and 20% off when I was packaging up the coupons.

Here are the websites that are participating. Check them out and then order some jewelry so you can receive your very own "Totally Indie" coupon bag!

Sweet Pea Handcrafts, Lindsay Designs, The Paper Princess, Spunky Kitty Style, Sommer Designs, Button Arcade, Iglubu, Nesting with Style, Botanical Earth, Earthenwood Studios, Holland Cox, Shades of Violet, One Little Monkey, Yen Jewelry, A Planet for Creation, Zoomzawear, Katie Beane, Sprout Studio, Heart + Soul, Primrose Design, On a Friday, New Orleans Craft Mafia, Purple Pink and Orange, Crooked Mile Candle Company, Snap Crafty, Artful Sentiments, Two Space, Dp Jewelry Designs, Hella Good, Pink Loves Brown, Milkshake, 360 Skin Care, The Glam Boutique, Acorn Studios, Beaded Things, Silver Style, Twist Style, India Romeo, and Cherry Momma

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Contest Entry

I bought this Sharma necklace right before our vacation...I knew it would be a perfect beach necklace, but when we were sitting on the deck of a beach restaurant, my husband said " your necklace is the same color as the water! " ...I realized the green beads were the same color as the beautiful sea green water in Destin Florida!.....Now it reminds me of the beach and that "vacation feeling" everytime I wear it!
Thank you for your fabulous designs!

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Bridesmaid Jewelry

Over the years I have done a fair amount of bridesmaid jewelry. I don't have a ton of examples on my site because often in the hectiness of the day the brides forget to take pictures. A bride just recently sent me this picture:

I love this bridesmaid necklace because it is something that can be worn everyday. First of all, it's black. Everyone needs a basic black necklace. It is also a versatile necklace. Its good for people who have dainty taste and for those that like funky necklaces. It's a little of both.

These bridesmaids may never wear the dress again (I have never found a reason to wear even my cute bridesmaid dresses!) but I bet they will wear the necklace again!

If you or someone you know needs custom jewelry for their wedding have them email me!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Contest Entry

I love my collection of Sharma Designs earrings! Since I can't wear bracelets or necklaces at my massage therapy office, I rely on my earrings to give my outfit a kick. They have never failed me as my clients always compliment them. I love this pair because they go with just about everything I own and are still unique!

Contest Entry

I wear this Sharma all the time and I always get compliments on it!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jewelry Storage Idea

I originally posted this over at Rare Bird Finds but I thought I should post it here too! What a pretty earring holder!!

Do you have all your beautiful earrings tucked snuggly away in a jewelry box where you will never think to wear them when you are getting ready for the day? You need this Bronze Empress Earring Tree. Not only will it look beautiful with all your colorful earrings on it but you will actually remember to put them on in the morning. $68.95 at Wrapables

Monday, June 05, 2006

Time Flies!

This week my baby girl turns 18 months! Everyone always says that time flies but it's hard to completely understand until your baby is quickly moving out of baby stage and it feels like you were just holding her for the first time. She is the light of my life. I just can't imagine life without her.

Not to say that it has been easy to juggle being a mommy, a wife, working and running a business. When she was first born I decided to take a sabbatical from Sharma Designs for a few months so that I could just enjoy her without any stress. least any business stress. Being a mom for the first time is a little stressful! I still feel that that was the right decision.

When I came back I did have to work 2x as hard to get back to speed but I was full of inspiration and energy. I would bring the little munch into the bead room in her swing and design away. Then she became mobile and it was harder to find the time to do everything I needed to do. A room full of beads is not exactly baby friendly. She really never slept through the night until she was 1 or so. This made it hard to stay up late because as you moms know..when you have to get up in the middle of the night it is just not the same quality of sleep.

Now we have fallen into a groove. She goes to sleep and stays asleep. I can stay up late working. She loves beads and jewelry. Sometimes if I get new beads I let her play with them (if they are strung and she can't eat them-and I am right there). She sees new jewelry and says "Cuuute!" I predict she will be helping me design in no time.

If you have a business and are wondering how it works when you have kids. Well it isn't easy. But its also not as hard as you might think. I think it runs in phases. We will be in a groove and it will all be running smoothly and then we will all get the flu (ugghh). You know what though? Even when it's really hard I wouldn't change a thing. I mean..look at her!

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New Jewelry!

Going into this weekend I knewI had to make some more bracelets. I have a pending wholesale order that was half bracelets. The buyer found me through a very cool blog called Crafty Synergy. It's a blog that interviews indie designers. My interview is here.

I had no idea if I would have time to make a bunch of new stuff. We were having my husband's parents over Saturday night and mine over Sunday night (Why waste a clean house?).

So on Saturday night my husband and I made the mistake of having some strong strong coffee after dinner. In my pre Bella days it would have been no big deal. My blood was half coffee. Nowadays I only drink a cup in the morning if that. Well..the good news is that I was so buzzed on the caffiene that I made a slew of gorgeous new jewelry pieces. The bad news is that we were awake until 3:30am!! We were dragging big time on Sunday! are some previews... You can see all of the new jewelry here.

You'll see that the 2nd necklace is not on the new jewelry page. That's because my mom already got a sneak peek and snapped it up for herself. I just love it so I at least wanted you to see it!

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Contest Entry

What a cutie pie! This is one of my most loyal customers. She says this is her favorite Sharma because it's a star(she loves stars) and because the colors go with everything.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Good Contest - Great Prizes!

It's been awhile since we ran a contest so we decided to make this a big one! This contest runs until June 23rd (my birthday). Winners will be announced July 1st. There are 2 ways to enter and three top prizes!

First Place: A $75 gift certificate to Sharma Designs
Second Place: A free necklace of your choice
Third Place: A free pair of earrings of your choice
All who participate will recieve a 10% off coupon for their next purchase!

Winners will be chosen by votes received on Our Blog between June 24th and June 30th. All entries will be viewable on the blog. The voting will be open to anyone who wishes to participate. Once you enter, you will receive instructions on where people can vote.
Don't have a Sharma? Well what are you waiting for? Go get one!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1st Way to Enter: Say Cheese!
Send me a picture of you wearing your favorite Sharma Designs piece of jewelry. I prefer digital but if you only have hard copies I can give you an address to send them to.
Include a small blurb about why that piece is your favorite.Pictures will be published on the blog but all names will be kept confidential.

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2nd Way to Enter: Wax Poetically
Do you have a "My Sharma Stole the Show" story to tell? Someone stopped you on the street and begged you to sell your necklace to them? Once your boyfriend saw your necklace he knew you must be the one for him? You get the idea.
All stories must be real! If you send a fake I won't enter it in the contest.

Have fun with this contest. I get such a kick out of the pictures and stories. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Studio Friday: Space

This week's topic for Friday June 2nd suggested by Tracie: SPACE?!!.

" Space? The final frontier? I have limited studio space, but not by the mere fact the room is only probably 9x10 but because of all the many things inside of that space! What consumes your creative space? Tell us about those infringements."

I have three good sized tables in my studio. I thought when I set things up that this would be more than enough. Then my beads slowly started to take over every unsuspecting surface.

I like to spend a few nights "designing". I lay everything out in the design that it will be made. So I have found that I need all tables for this process.

So much for my "Shipping Table". It has been reduced to my "Shipping Area". I even had to build up in order to fit all my needed supplies. It's really the only area in my space that is this organized.

Like most of the crafty ladies in Studio Friday...if I had just a little more space I would need just a little more a few days later!