Monday, August 28, 2006

New Pendants to Play With

Last week I had to slow the production at Sharma Designs a bit in order to spend some time with my family. Not to worry, although I was not making a lot of jewelry I was ordering some much needed jewelry supplies. Above are a few new pendants.

The black teardrops are onyx. I always like to have some basic black pendants on hand. Everyone needs a good black necklace right? There is also a Flower Sugilite Pendant (purple), a Pink Sunstone Pendant, and a Bronzite pendant. The Sunstone has a touch of shimmery sparkliness to it. It's so pretty in the light. The Bronzite has amazing shiny little flecks in it.

I can't wait to get creating again. I need too! website is bare! I am also working on some wedding earrings which I am really excited about so I will get pictures of those up too.

Have a great Monday!

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