Monday, August 21, 2006

Party, Shopping and the Carries

What a weekend! I left Friday morning and made my way down I-5. Some people hate the 6 hour drive from Northern Cali to SoCal but I honestly have driven it so many times that I don't mind it a bit. I pop in an audio cd and armed with a Starbucks I take off driving.

Friday night I had a great jewelry party. I got to see lots of familiar faces and sold lots of jewelry! The one thing I am bummed about is that I was so busy selling and catching up that I didn't take any pictures. I even set my camera out to make sure that I would!

Saturday I picked up my B.F Carrie and we spent the day shopping in Westwood and wherever else there were stores! Carrie is my favorite person to shop with. We could spend hours in the stores and not be a bit tired. It was also nice to shop without feeling like I had to entertain the little one.

Saturday night we met up with my sister and her boyfriend for more shopping! We went to the Irvine Spectrum. That place is crowded but a ton of fun. There is live music and tons of shops and places to eat. We really closed down the shops too. My sister's boyfriend was quite the trooper. My husband would have been outta there.

Sunday I slept in (You moms know what a rare treat that is!) My husband called at 8:30 and said "Where are you?" (Meaning on the road). I said "Sleeping!" He was not happy. After Carrie (Who will now be known as Shopping Carrie - it's going to get confusing here) and I got our coffee fix we drove up north to the Palos Verdes Farmer's Market to see my other friend Carrie.....Carrie Sommer (We'll call her Handbag Carrie). I honestly just couldn't pass up the chance to see Handbag Carrie even if it was for a few minutes. And of course to see all her beautiful purses and aprons in person! There are even cuter in person. As we were leaving Shopping Carrie said "Wow! Her display is so cute! It feels like you are in a little boutique!" I couldn't agree more.

As you can see from the picture above I did score a few of her fabulous handbags. I think that brings my total to 4. How will I ever decide which one to use? I swear that Handbag Carrie moniters my thoughts as I peruse fabric websites (No I can't sew. I just like to look) because she always picks my very favorite fabrics! Every Sommer Designs handbag I have is soooo me.

So a fun weekend of shopping and friends. Could a girl ask for more? I did miss my bubbi and my husband terribly. My daughter gave me the silent treatment when I got home and almost made me cry. But we are good now. Little twerp! I guess she showed me!

Right now I am going to upload the new jewelry and I might just do a few markdowns too so be sure to check the site a little later and see what's new and newly reduced!

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Blogger Carrie said...

HA! What a post! Shopping Carrie and Handbag Carrie are much more fun than Carrie #1 and Carrie #3! And hurry up - would ya? I need to see the new goods and markdowns! Chop! Chop!

8/21/2006 03:43:00 PM  

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